The 90 Day Transformation Program

The 90 Day Transformation Program

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Are you stressed out and gaining weight?

Are you stuck in a rut, yet wanting to make positive changes? 

Do you struggle to shake off what's holding you back?

The 90 Day Transformation Program is the key to discovering what is stopping you from having the body and life that you desire!

This 12-week program has been specifically designed to take you step-by-step through a process of physical and mental transformation.


  • 12 weekly one-to-one coaching sessions (video call or in person)
  • A wide variety of support materials
  • Personal action steps
  • Tools & techniques for transformation
  • Lifetime access to Honu updates on products and services


  • Learn how to create new healthier habits 
  • Discover what is stopping you from getting what you really want 
  • Understand how to truly nourish your body 
  • Learn how to create lasting change 
  • Form a strong foundation for continued progress 
  • Continued support and accountability 
  • Learn about the causes of weight gain and how to combat it 

"The 90 day program has taught me how to finally show up for myself in a way that I never have before, physically and emotionally I have made positive changes!" - Laura

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Offsite review
Kelly Hutchinson's review on 22 Oct, 2020
My health coaching experience with Gemma was nothing short of life changing. At the age of 34 you think you know whats good for you and whats not. But Gemma was able to educate me in simple as well as complex items and open my eyes to some reasons that I havent been at optimum health or weight for years. The knowledge and understanding gained from Gemma helped me refocus and reprioritise my life. Although this was primarily about my health and weight, I learned tools to help me in all aspects of my life. And these tools have now become healthy habits. I refer back to them and use them every day. The positive impact not only on me, but my whole family and friends circle was incredible. I would recommend Gemma's health coaching plan in a heartbeat to anyone, as it can be tailored to your specific needs. I still check in and have that accountability with Gemma, even know. Even the way I frame a conversation has changed thanks to Gemma. So much appreciation for dedicating her time and effort in ensuring I reached my goals, in a comforting and understanding way. I was able to be truthful if I had a wobble. There's no punishment, just how to get back on track.

Customer rated you highly for: communication, value, work quality

You replied 22 Oct, 2020
Thank you so much fo this gorgeous review! It is absoloutely my pleasure and I will always be here for you!